Bernhard's comets and asteroids    IAU codes: B82 Maidbronn (retired) and K87 Dettelbach Vineyard Observatory

© Copyright: Photo montage performed by Bernhard Häusler, Germany

© Copyright: Photo montage performed by Bernhard Häusler, Germany
Credit of the comet image of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko:


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A warm welcome to all friends of comets and minor planets!

We are living on a beautyful planet, surrounded in space from its large and small brothers and sisters since unimaginable times.
This web is an independant and ad-free approach to the grand show in our neighborhood in space with small amateur equipment.

Actual events:

The new Type A/ object A/2018 C2

A/2018 C2© by B82 Bernhard Haeusler, Germany

A/2018 C2 © by Bernhard Haeusler, 2018-02-22 B/W 

54 x 3min. exposure, 2018-02-22 UT 01:30, 12" ACF-SCT  f-5.40 + CCD ST10XME,              
18.5 mag, e=

A/2018 C2 © by B82 Bernhard Haeusler, Germany

GIF animation 50 x 3min.) = around two hours 38 minutes in reality   

total basis: 50 x 3min. exposures, 2018-02-22 UT 01:39 - UT 04:17, 12" ACF-SCT  f-5.40 + CCD ST10XME
mag 18.5, velocity: 0.71"/min in PA 58.5     

C/2017/D3 (ATLAS)

C/2017 D3 (ATLAS) © Copyright by Bernhard Häusler and P. Christoph Gerhard, Germany

Image processing by P. Christoph Gerhard, K74 Muensterschwarzach Observatory, Schwarzach, Germany

© Copyright by Bernhard Häusler, Germany

© 2018-02-14 by Bernhard Haeusler, Dettelbach, Germany                                                      

composed 60 120sec. exposures, 2018-02-14 UT00:55, 0.30-m f/1646.2mm ACF-SCT +  CCD
17.68mag, coma: 8", tail: 1' in PA188  

NEO and Atira 2017 TF2 on October,11 2017

Atira NEO 2017 TF2 © by Bernhard Haeusler, Germany     Atira NEO 2017 TF2 © by Bernhard Häusler, K87 Dettelbach

2017 TF2 © by Bernhard Haeusler, 2017-10-11    

On the left:

57 x 60sec. exposure, 2017-10-11 UT 18:41, 12" SCT  f-6.15 + CCD ST10XME,              
19.6 mag

On the right:

Animation of 57 60sec. exposures, 18:41UT - 19:13UT, 32 minutes in reality ~ 1 sec. in animation
The NEO is moving from top to bottom inside the red lines.

last observed comets:

C/2016 R2 (PANSTARRS) © by Bernhard Haeusler, Germany    C/2016 R2 (PANSTARRS) © by Bernhard Haeusler, Germany

C/2016 R2 (PANSTARRS)  by Bernhard Haeusler, 2018-02-16 B/W   

composed 31 2min. exposures, 2018-02-16 UT18:42, 0.30-m f/1646.2mm ACF-SCT +  CCD
14.73mag, coma: 6', tail: 16' in PA91

C/2016 A1 (PANSTARRS) © by Bernhard Haeusler, Germany 

C/2016 A1 (PANSTARRS)  by Bernhard Haeusler, 2018-02-06 B/W

composed 33 120sec. exposures, 2018-02-06 UT22:32, 0.30-m f/2240.2mm SCT +  CCD
16.23mag, coma: 13", tail: 3' in PA161  

C/2016 A1 (PANSTARRS) © by Bernhard Haeusler, Germany

C/2016 A1 (PANSTARRS)  by Bernhard Haeusler, 2018-02-06 B/W

animated 64 2min.exp, 2018-02-06  UT21:23 - 23:41; asteroid on the left side: 34286, 18.1 mag

C/2016 N4 (MASTER) © by Bernhard Haeusler, Germany

C/2016 N4 (MASTER)  by Bernhard Haeusler, 2017-09-22 B/W   

composed 35 60sec. exposures, 2017-09-22 UT21:37, 0.30-m f/1873.1mm SCT +  CCD
16.29 mag, coma: 30", tail: 4'30' in PA150  

C/2015 V2 (Johnson) © by Bernhard Haeusler, Germany    

C/2015 V2 (Johnson)  by Bernhard Haeusler, 2017-05-20 B/W                                               

composed 10 30sec. exposures, 2017-05-20 UT22:12, 0.30-m f/1873.1mm SCT +  CCD, IP: DDP low pass
12.05 mag, tail: 16' in PA317  

41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak © by Bernhard Haeusler, Germany       41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak © by Bernhard Haeusler, Germany

41/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak © by Bernhard Haeusler, 2017-05-01 B/W

composed 90 20sec. exposures, 2017-05-01 UT01:54, 0.30-m f/1875mm SCT +  CCD, IP: DDP Kernel low pass
13.6 mag, coma: 5', tail: 1' in PA236

Right:  Video of 70 frames of 20 seconds exp.time each, 2017-05-01 UT01:54
Original size MP4 or MP4 HTML (22,353 KB) 

45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova © by Bernhard Haeusler, Germany        45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova © by Bernhard Haeusler, Germany

45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova © by Bernhard Haeusler, 2017-03-26 B/W       

composed 36 2min. exposures, 2017-03-26 UT20:10, 0.30-m f/1875mm SCT +  CCD,
17.3 mag (10" Box), coma: 1'15", tails: 8'30" in PA284, 1'15" in PA106

Right: Video of 35 frames of 2 minutes exp.time each, 2017-03-26 UT20:10 - UT21:24
Original size MP4 or MP4 HTML (2,356 KB)

last observed asteroid:/NEO:

Close encounter between Earth and NEO and Apollo asteroid 2014 JO25 (650m size) on April,19 2017 in ~1.8 Million kilometers distance

NEO 2014 JO25 © by Bernhard Haeusler, Germany        NEO 2014 JO25 © by Bernhard Haeusler, Germany

with GIF-animation and MP4-Video

2014 JO25 © by Bernhard Haeusler, 2017-04-19 B/W

14 x 1sec. exposure,  2017-04-19  UT20:55:36 - UT20:56:57, 12" SCT  f-6.3 + CCD ST10XME,                 
10.5 mag

Flash of the Satellite IRIDIUM 86, Mirror 2 on February,13 2018 with -2.5 mag

IRIDIUM 8662 © by Bernhard Haeusler, Germany 

IRIDIUM 86 © 2018-02-13 by Bernhard Haeusler, Dettelbach, Germany                            

detail of 1 15 sec. exposure, 2018-02-13 UT 17:56:32, camera: ZWO ASI 178 MC Color,  allsky lens: 2.5mm, f-1.2  170°
No Moon.

Comet debris: A possible late April Lyrid meteorid is crossing the constellation Little Fox (Vulpecula)

April Lyrids © by Bernhard Häusler, Germany    April Lyrids © by Bernhard Häusler, Germany

late April Lyrid © by Bernhard Haeusler, 2017-05-06 UT 02:18      79.4% Moon in 113° distance, PA285.2, MoonAlt -1°

Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II, lens: EF16-35 mm f-2.8L II USM
Exposure time: 30sec., f/5.6 17mm, ISO 1600

The view is south. The bright star on the top right is Vega in the constellation Lyra.
The meteorite came from Northeast from the direction of its meteor shower radiant in constellation Hercules and crossed the constellation Vulpecula.
its way through the upper atmosphere, it heated up in fractions of a second and glows in a bright light strip.

Satellite check: no satellite or Iridium flash found.

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