Main Belt Asteroid (410928) Maidbronn - media presence and public relations

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The response to the discovery of the people and the media was really surprising to me.
Chaos theory played godfather and produced a kind of snowball system.

 Here are some impressions...

"German amateur discovered an asteroid from his terrace"...
pagewide articles in newspapers and internet, written by Christiane Gläser, dpa Würzburg

Related publications:
   Worldwide Press: Forbes Middle East, Borneo Bulletin;
                              Focus and Spiegel (in German) and many more... (Search term: "asteroid Maidbronn")
   Radio: Bayern 1 Bayern 2 (in German)
   Television: local TV, Mediathek of the German/French broadcast ARTE, program X:enius, August,8 2015 08:35UT, 10:35MESZ: 
                                        Unendliches Universum - auch grenzenlose Sicht?  -> Infinite Universe - also boundless view?

credit: BR

watch B82 Maidbronn on the Mediathek of arte

carnival procession in Maidbronn February 2015

"A star that bears our name" - "Mr. Häusler has discovered the asteroid and aroused our interest in astronomy"   Credit: Carnival Club Maidbronn


Lecture on Astronomy Day 2015 on the observatory Würzburg (around 30 listeners)                                               Credit: Peter Schramm, Sternwarte Würzburg

"Franconia in Space", lecture of Dr. Thomas Müller in Birnfeld in April 2015 (article in Mainpost)

Lectures "Franconian Minor Planets" in Birnfeld on April 2015 (around 100 listeners)

Left to right:
Dr. Thomas Müller, MPE Garching, Minor Planet (8793) Thomasmüller was named after him.
Bernhard Häusler, Maidbronn, the discoverer of (410928) Maidbronn.
Felix Hormuth, MPIA Heidelberg, the discoverer of about 200 asteroids on Calar Alto Observatory, Spain,
he suggested the name for the minor planets (365130) Birnfeld and (365131) Hassberge.

Arrival of television crews of Arte (X:enius) of the Bavarian Broadcast BR in February 2015

cameraman of the crew

Preparation of the shoot in my living room

The real star - the fully equipped telescope with CCD camera in preparation for a starry night

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