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From November, 19 - 21 2010 some very active members of the VdS Comet Group enjoyed their annual meeting in Bad Hersfeld


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IAU: Minor Planet Center MPC with its last MPEC's
Comet Section of Germany                                                    
Comatas_Obs: Curvas de luz de cometas                  
The CARA Project    The Cometary Archive (Italy)                    
Asteroids Section of Germany  in German (Kleinplanetenseite)       

Websites of friends and guys mentioned in this web:

Stefan Beck, Germany
Josep M. Bosch (B74), the discoverer of the Apollo Asteroid and Near Earth Object (NEO) 2009 ST19 
Maik Mayer, Germany
Pepe Manteca, (941) Spain
Josef Müller (A21), Germany
Gustavo Muler (J47), Canarian Islands, Spain
Antonio Garrigós Sánchez (B37), Spain
Stéphane Takbou (A11), France
Rolf Wildberg, Germany  
Fr. Christoph Gerhard OSM, observatory Monastery Münsterschwarzach, Germany


Interesting actual comet pages:

Comet Chasing          Visual observation of telescopic comets (USA)
Comet Light Curves   Light curves and images (Spain)
Don Machholz's  The Web of the visual comet discoverer (11 comets so far) (USA)
The Web of David Levy, the world famous comet discoverer  (USA)
Alan Hale's Web, the co-discoverer of comet Hale-Bopp  (USA)
Richard (Rik) Hill's Astronomy Homepage, the discoverer of 22 comets so far (USA)
Rob's Astropics - Comet site


Comet Observers of the World
Observatory Links     MPC observatories worldwide  
The Tracking News   Observation of small Solar System Bodies     

David C. Jewitt, UCLA Dept. Earth and Space Sciences (USA)

measurements around astrometry and photometry:

Standard tool for astrometry - Astrometrica
Photometry Supplement to Astrometrica - Focas II (in Spanish)
Aperture Photometry Optimizer
Astronomical SNR Calculator

lecture material of different meetings of B82 Maidbronn:

lecture of the tail event of 19P/Borrelly on the meeting of the German comet group in fall 2009 (.ptf in German)
lecture: Fotometry with Astrometrica and FOCAS II on the meeting of the German comet group in fall 2009 (.ptf in German)
lecture: comet images since 2008 on the meeting of the German comet group in fall 2009 (.ptf in German)

lecture: presentation of the observatory B82 Maidbronn and asteroid observations on the meeting of the German Minor Planet group in spring 2010 (.ptf in German)

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