P/2008 O2 (McNaught) and Main Belt Asteroid (410928) Maidbronn

P/2008 O2 (McNaught) discovered by R. H. McNaught (Siding Spring) on July, 28 2008.

(410928) Maidbronn discovered by B. Häusler (Maidbronn) on September, 28 2009. 

(410928) Maidbronn Medía precence and public relation

The latest IAU telegrams or the latest CBET's. IAUC Astronomical Headlines

Minor planet center's orbital elements and Ephemeris, the comet on Seiichi Yoshida's Homepage
Light curves on Cometas Obs, JPL Small body database

The original purpose of the photography was the measurement of the orbit of comet P/2008 O2 (McNaught).
But when blinking the images, I found two "new" objects close to the comet: MAID01 and MAID02                        GIF Animation
MAID01 (K09SH2G) is a recovery:
 2009 SG172 = 2003 UD373 = 2006 AE103. See: MPC 2009-T01 
MAID02 (K09SO2T) is a new object and my first named discovery. MAID02
= 2006 BN60 = 2009 ST242 = (410928) Maidbronn.

Antonio Garrigós Sánchez (B37) confirmed the object at September, 30 2009. Thanks a lot for this great work!
Also thanks to Josep M. Bosch (B74), the discoverer of the Apollo Asteroid and Near Earth Object (NEO) 2009 ST19,  who helped to make the contact to Antonio.

P/2008 O2 (McNaught) © by Bernhard Haeusler, Germany       j

P/2008 O2 (MxNaught) © by Bernhard Haeusler, 2009-09-28 B/W

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24 x 5 min. exposure, 2009-09-28 UT 01:52 to 03:46, 12" SCT  f-6.532 + CCD ST10XME
19.04 mag, coma: 12", tail: 46" in PA 239°

Pre-discovery image of MAID02 (K09SO2T), a main belt asteroid. MAID02 = (410928) Maidbronn

P/2008 O2 (McNaught) © by Bernhard Haeusler, Germany

P/2008 O2 (MxNaught) © by Bernhard Haeusler, 2009-09-26 B/W

24 x 5 min. exposure, 2009-09-26 UT 01:27 to 03:31, 12" SCT  f-6.532 + CCD ST10XME
18.87 mag, coma: 9", tail: 10" in PA 224°

The theoretical diameter of asteroid Maidbronn is from 0.7 to 3.8 km, depending on the nature of the body.
The orbit in the outer asteroid belt indicates Maidbronn one of the C-type asteroids, whose main component is carbon.
Thus, one can expect that the diameter of Maidbronn is between 2 and 3 km and the body has a potato-shaped structure.

Orbit situation on the day of discovery.

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