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Within the picture, click on the zone that you want to be explained: (not in all browsers available)

These settings are the fourth step in getting NEO Planner up and running.    

Here you define the NO GO Area of Neo Planner.

The no-go area defines a declination range that should be given special attention during observation.
German mounts in particular cannot easily pan across the meridian during a night session, but can hit the pillar or other mount parts while panning.

Here you can specify from which northern or southern declination a warning should be shown in the planning
if the object crosses the meridian during observation.
This note enables the planning to be adjusted accordingly, which is explained in detail in the explanations of Revise.

Plausibility checks or actions are usually only carried out after leaving the cursor in the input field.

IAU Observatory Code::

The active observatory is displayed

Limit of declination eastward +/-xx or +no:

There is currently no calculation, please enter + no

Limit of declination westward +/-xx or +no:

For mounts that have no problems crossing the meridian at any declination, please enter + no.
For telescopes with German mounts, please enter the declination up to which it is possible to cross the meridian.
In the northern hemisphere with a + sign, in the southern hemisphere with a - sign.

The object must be exposed...

Buffer time in R.A. Hours before the meridian transit, so that there is enough time to photograph the object before the meridian transit.
When displaying the transit time in the Revise Window, this hourly value is subtracted from the transit time of the object.





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